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A Social Media Platform dedicated to Player Recruitment and Business NetWORKing within the Basketball Community.

Hoopcliq Network

When you sign up on hoopcliq.com, you are immediately added to the Hoopcliq Network.

Hoopcliq TV is an online basketball network that enables registered users to submit full length games, highlights, instructional videos for the purpose of recruitment, exposure, and entertainment.

HoopcliqNews is a content-sharing platform that welcomes contributions from basketball writers globally

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Let's explore the reasons

Middle And High School Players

Exhibit your on-the-court triumphs and get endorsed by middle and high school coaches to college coaches.

Middle, High School, and AAU Coach

Support your players’ progress by endorsing their highlights to specific college tiers.

College Coach

Explore undiscovered talent for your program through Hoopcliq.

Owner and General Manager

Unearth players and coaches for your organization using the Hoopcliq platform.

Player Representative

Discover promising players to represent and join your agency.

College and Professional Player

Control your career’s trajectory by sharing highlights and networking with coaches and general managers globally.

High School and College Athletic Director

Connect with coaches, fellow Athletic Directors, and other basketball professionals.

College Academic Recruiter

Identify and present academic scholarship opportunities to Student-Athletes fulfilling your school’s academic criteria.


News Reporter

Establish a platform for news deliverance through articles and videos with Hoopcliq.

NBA and WNBA Player

Interact with aspiring athletes who wish to emulate your career.

TV Personality

A personal space for you to engage with your audience.



Stay updated and follow your favorite players, colleges, or professional teams worldwide.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

 Deliver your knowledge and expand your training business.


Educate the basketball community on body optimization while growing your coaching business.


Basketball Trainer

Showcase your development expertise and increase your training business.


Learn from successful people who can inspire your growth.

Hoopcliq Academy

Hoopcliq Academy is an online course provider built within the Hoopcliq platform.

Gateway to Growth

Explore or advertise job prospects, camps, and tournaments both nationally and globally.

The Quiet Champion Podcast

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