An Exclusive Scouting Social Networking Platform for Male and Female Middle School, High School, And Junior College Basketball Student-Athletes.

Why We Exist.

Our purpose is to give student-athletes who go unnoticed a platform to showcase their talents so college coaches can piece together a successful program with players they did not know existed.

With millions of student-athletes playing the game of basketball worldwide, it’s incredibly challenging for college coaches to know where their perfect puzzle pieces are located without the player’s high school or AAU coach trying to get them seen. 

Meet Your Community.

Male and Female Student-Athletes

Middle School Student-Athlete

High School Student-Athlete

Junior College Student-Athlete

Role: You have ONE job; to get yourself seen! Hoopcliq takes you out of the shadows and into the light. You are in control of your journey, and if you want your chance at the next level, your time is right now. Hoopcliq puts you, the Student-Athlete, in the driver’s seat to post your highlights, workouts, or anything that will set you apart from the rest of the Cliq.

Male And Female Mentors

Basketball Skills Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Role: Your expertise is the physical body. Your mission is to grow our student-athletes by sharing your knowledge. Post videos, articles, or anything that you believe will help develop our members to create better results with their game. 

Male and Female Supporters

Club/AAU Coach

Role: Your role is to support the Student-Athletes who have play for you, have played against you, or have seen. Posting videos of your team on your timeline and the groups you have access to will benefit the players the most.



Middle School Coach

High School Coach

Role: You are the bridge between the coaches looking for the right players for their program and the Student-Athletes who can play but get little to no exposure. Play an important role in an athlete’s journey by viewing, critiquing, and endorsing Student-Athletes through their videos and profiles.  Your endorsement is how players get access to post their videos directly to the appropriate collegiate level (Division-I, Division-II, Division-III, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Junior College) scouting rooms.

Men's and Women's College Coaches

Male and Female Division I Coach

Male and Female Division II Coach

Male and Female Division III Coach

Male and Female National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Coach

Male and Female Junior College Coach

Role: You are the reason why we are here.  This platform will put you in front of student-athletes you know, have watched, and shown interesting, but more importantly, hoopcliq puts you in a position to discover student-athletes you did not know exists. Your mission is to scout, recruit, and fill in the gaps you have in your program with players that will help you reach the goal of building a successful program.

Male and Female College Academic Recruiters

Role: You are the X-Factor of the platform.  You will have access to student-athletes who have been trained to overcome adversity which is a great quality to have in the pursuit of earning a college degree. Your role is to offer academic scholarships or opportunities to Student-Athletes that meet your school’s academic requirements.

How It Works.

Step One

Register as the role you play on (Student-Athlete, Mentor, Endorser, AAU Coach, College Coach, Academic Recruiters).

If you are a Middle School, High School, College Coach, or College Academic Recruiter, your registration will be pending until we complete the verification process which you can start the process by selecting the Coach/Academic Recruiters button below.

Step Two

Complete Your Profile Before Posting. Please Do Not Skip This Step.  This gives anyone who is interested an opportunity to get to know who you are.

Step Three

Get To Work And Have FUN!!!

The Game Rules.

Each college-level has its’ own scouting room. For a Student-Athlete to gain access, he or she must receive five separate Endorsements from either a middle school or a high school coach (Endorser). For example, a female high school Student-Athlete receives five endorsements to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Scouting Room. She also received three Endorsements to post in the Division-II level. Because she received the required five endorsements for the NAIA Scouting Room, she can post in that Room. With endorsements to the NAIA Scouting room, She will need two more endorsements to get access to post in the Division II scouting room.

Once registered, every Student-Athlete will have access to their Grade Level War Room. The War Room is where the Endorsers will review videos of Student-Athletes and then endorse those who can play at a specific level. 

Student-Athletes must receive five endorsements to access any of the college scouting rooms (Division-I, Division-II, Division-III, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Junior College). 

Growing Our Members.

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Hoopcliq Academy

Mental Training is the most overlooked aspect of the game and is the sole reason why courses such as Fear, Self-Talk, and Beliefs are available to grow our members from the inside out.  From the classroom to the court, there is a lot that goes into becoming a successful Student-Athlete. Striving to eliminate every excuse a player can give about not having what they need to reach their goals is a mental block. Training the mind like you do your body is our mission to develop our members to become all-around Student-Athletes.

Hoopcliq Hub

Education is a critical part of the journey to play at the next level. To ensure we are doing our part, we will be offering Tutoring for English, Math, Social Science, and Science during the school year. To take it a step further, we will have guest speakers that will cover Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Sports Coaching, Relationship Building, Time Management, and other specified topics that you won’t find in a traditional school setting.

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Created by priyanka from Noun Project

Hoopcliq Talented

 Hoopcliq Talented is a space designed to allow members to showcase their hidden talents outside the lines of the basketball court. From singing, dancing, poetry, art, or even playing an instrument, Hoopcliq Talented gives you a break to recharge and have some fun before you get back on your journey to reach your goals..

You Are Strong Capable Deserving To Go After Your Dreams.

Are you ready to get started?