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Welcome to Hoopcliq Scouting Service: Unleash the Power of Discovery & Connection!

Are you tired of the same old ways of finding talent? Do you want to explore a new world of budding basketball stars? You’ve stepped into the right court.

At Hoopcliq, we’re not just about statistics, scores, and connecting in a community environment but about scouting and shaping future champions. We offer a unique opportunity to discover players who may have slipped through conventional recruitment processes. With us, you’ll unearth hidden gems you didn’t even know existed.

The Game Changer: Player Discovery

How often have you missed out on players because you didn’t know they existed? With HoopCliq, that’s a thing of the past. Our scouting service is designed to help you find those hidden talents that can change the game.

Bringing You Closer to the Stars

We’re not just about discovering new talent but also about connecting you with well-known players. Build relationships, share insights, and get a first-hand look at their skills and aspirations.

A Community that Connects

But it’s not just about individual players. We’re building a community that facilitates easy communication and connection. Engage with other scouts, coaches, and players, all in a single space. It’s networking made easy.

The HoopCliq Endorsement Process: Innovation Meets Trust

We introduce a unique and innovative process – the HoopCliq Endorsement. Middle and high school and AAU coaches review and endorse player videos to specific divisions (Division I, II, III, NAIA, Junior College).

Just imagine – accumulating ten endorsements for a specific division is like having multiple trusted coaches vouching for a player’s skills and potential. It’s an endorsement process like no other, designed to provide you with authentic and reliable insights.

Are You Ready to Change the Game?

Join us. Discover the undiscovered. Connect with the stars of tomorrow. Be a part of the community that’s shaping the future of basketball scouting.

Sign up now, and let’s start this exciting journey together. Because at Hoopcliq, we believe that every shot counts and every player matters.

Welcome to the future of scouting. Welcome to Hoopcliq.


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